SEO is vital

Search engine optimisation or SEO is one of the most powerful and reliable ways of getting traffic to your website. If your competitors website is better optimised than yours, then they will show up higher in the search engine rankings, that results in one outcome, they are getting sales or contracts that you are losing.

As sales on the Internet grow year by year, it is essential for companies large or small to have a prominent position in the search engines.
Major companies are spending millions on SEO each year and have many full time employees working solely on optimising their sites, because they know the value of these search engine positions, think how much they could be worth to your company!

Remember! people are looking on search engines right now, make sure they are finding your website and not your competitions.

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For SEO in Doncaster

We are based in Doncaster, Yorkshire, and we like nothing more than promoting our local businesses.

If you want to boost your website ranking, then on-page optimisation should be an essential part of your SEO strategy, and is one of the first things you should be considering.

We will tell you for free how well optimised your website is, for the keyword or phrase of your choice, and in the search engine of your choice.
We will email your free optimisation score to you, usually within one or two days.
Our free analysis is done in the strictest confidence and we will not pass on any details to any third parties.
Strictly one free analysis per website and English language sites only.

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Online facts

The average, spent weekly online in February 2013 is estimated at £540.5 millon.
Office for National Statistics, March 2013

Google captures 91% of the searches in the UK Search Engine Market.
comScore, December 2012

UK internet users, on average used search engines 161 times during December 2012.
comScore, March 2013

Boost your website rankings

A top google ranking is not only great for sales, but it lifts the profile of your company.
Search engines are evolving all the time and if you want to have an high ranking in them, then you must use SEO.

We, as SEO experts have to keep up with all these changes, which means we are able to boost your website ranking in the search engines.

boost your website

Your website may have been well optimised last year, or even as recent as last week, but as search engines change, then it is possible that your ranking may have fallen.

Google for instance have been making major changes in the last few years, and some of these changes can have a drastic effect on a websites ranking, make sure you don’t suffer from the consequences of these changes, use good SEO.

Based in Doncaster we offer various SEO services, and every single one of them, from our free analysis, right through to our full SEO package are all designed to help boost your website ranking.

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