This is our latest video offering once again done in After Effects, and once again taking a long time to render. The good news is I only made one mistake, as far as I know, so I only had to re-render it once!

The background track to this video is called It’s a beautiful day, which if you have seen the video that won’t come as a surprise to you, it is by a guy called Tim McMorris and its a great track and it fits in really well with the video.
So kick off your shoes, break out the popcorn pretend your at the movies and enjoy, don’t worry your feet won’t get cold it’s not that long a movie.

Please get in touch if you would like us to personalise this video for your company.

If you are using Firefox and are having problems seeing this video, it is because of a problem Firefox has with some of its plug-ins. It can stop users seeing any videos that are on YouTube too.
I use Firefox for testing certain things and it doesn’t work properly for me either, so I stick with my favourite when not testing, and that is Google Chrome.

So if you are using Firefox and can’t see the video I will set the scene for you, it’s a bit like the trailer for the latest James Bond movie, Skyfall, where the train comes crashing through a subway and people are running for their lives, it’s not really we don’t have that big a budget, but we do have a subway!

Do watch out for the subway scene, there are a few local companies hiding in there including Sarah Cards, Mode Magazine and I Love Doncaster who are all great to follow on Twitter (hint), and of course yours truly, Boost Your Website.

More of our videos can be seen by clicking the YouTube icon at the bottom of this page, unless you are having problems with Firefox of course!

Have a great day thumbs-up