This is our latest video effort promoting our SEO company, and we are very pleased with it.
It is made in After Effects which I like using, apart from the fact it can take forever to render a movie,
and that is despite me spending a lot of time reading, and reading some more about different settings to speed things up, and which never work unfortunately.

If you would like us to personalise this video for your company, then please get in touch.

If you are using the Firefox browser you may have problems viewing the video, this is due to Firefox having issues with some of its plugins, which stops users using such as YouTube.
I prefer Chrome but I also use Firefox for testing certain things, such as YouTube videos, and they don’t work in mine either.
Hopefully it won’t take too long before they sort the problem out.

So if you can’t see it I will set the scene, imagine Brad Pitt jumping out of the boat and racing up the beach in the movie Troy. The sun, stifling hot……. well it’s nothing like that, what kind of budget do you think we work with.

You can see more of our videos by clicking the YouTube icon at the bottom of this page, unless you are using Firefox of course.

Have a great day thumbs-up