follow Twitter like FacebookThe majority of people will be familiar with websites such as Facebook and Twitter which allow users to interact with others and share websites links with their friends or ‘followers’.
But did you know that millions of users on the Internet also share website links on social bookmarking websites?

What are social bookmarking websites?

social bookmarkEssentially, these are websites or online services where you can bookmark and manage links to your favourite websites. These bookmarks are usually saved publicly (meaning anyone can see them and visit the websites linked to), with some services offering private bookmarking. The links can be shared with others publicly, or in groups that are tagged with certain keywords – so for example, a link to Facebook might be shared under a “social networking” tag.

See how easily you can drive more traffic to your website

get-website-trafficIf you run a business or organisation that has a website, then you will of course want people to tell their friends and family about it. The great thing about social bookmarking websites and services is that they allow your visitors to easily share links to your website, resulting in more traffic to your website and an increase in sales or sparked interest in what you have to offer.

Some visitors will have a web browser extension for their favourite social bookmarking service that will allow them to bookmark and share your website, but to increase the chances of someone sharing your website you can easily install social bookmarking widgets on your web pages.

Services such as AddThis make this quick and simple for you to do so, and you can choose what services you want your visitors to share your pages on from your website. If you run a WordPress based website, there is even a plugin that they make available for link sharing across all pages and posts automatically.


Some popular social bookmarking websites you should know about

It’s important to make sure that you are aware of the most popular social bookmarking websites and services out there, since this will help you to tailor the services your visitors will use the most when sharing links to your website.
Here is a roundup of some of the most popular ones:

  • StumbleUpon – this is a service which recommends websites for you to visit that you might not have otherwise known about. Recommendations are based on your chosen list of interests, and you can save and tag bookmarks so that other people interested in the same content can ‘stumble upon’ the website.
  • Digg – lets users share links to interesting website articles or stories via their website, or on their iPhone and iPad apps. Good for sharing news stories or blog articles.
  • Delicious – an easy way for users to save and share links to websites, photos or videos. Links can be shared either via their website or on their iPhone and iPad apps.
  • Reddit – a service similar to Digg in that it is designed for users to share links to interesting stories and news articles online.