penguin-2.0Google penguin, the original, rolled out on the 24th of April 2012.
It’s main purpose was to stop people violating Google’s webmaster quality guidelines, and it is said by Google to have affected 3.1% of English language searches.
Google penguin 2.0 started rolling out on the 22nd of May 2013.
There have been approximately twenty to twenty five updates to the original penguin update, according to leading SEO experts, before Google 2.0 came along.


Penguin 2.0 get a version number all of it’s own!

So why does the penguin 2.0 update get a version number all of it’s own, when the other updates never?

It is because it is a totally different update, the first twenty or so were tweaks to the original update, but 2.0 allows a deeper clean of websites with Google now not only checking the links to an homepage, but also delving into the links aiming at a websites sub-pages.


So who will be hit by Penguin 2.0

no-spamAnyone with lots of anchor text links, linking to sub-pages which don’t seem natural to Google will probably be the hardest hit, along with paid links, spammy links and links from sites containing malware.
Just as the original penguin bit, or hit, the homepages of websites, 2.0 does a deep clean on websites, going where the original penguin feared to tread!
Google web spam engineer Matt Cutts says about 2.3% of English language searches will be affected by the new update.



cleanerHere is my analogy on the new update, it is a bit like a favourite aunt is coming to tea, and normally you would only hoover the room where you would be eating.
Well now you can’t get away with just doing that, because now she is going to check all your rooms – carefully!!
Happy hoovering.


Famous names

famous-namesSome famous names have been hit by this update, including; church site, The Salvation Army; blogging site, The DailyDot; and gaming, site 2D Play.
A lot of well known (by some) porn sites have reportedly been hit badly too.


What to do to avoid getting hit by the penguin

Advice to stay clear of any penguin updates, is to steer clear of any black hat tactics, follow Google webmaster guidelines and you shouldn’t go far wrong. Some websites are still getting away with using some black hat techniques, but the warning is there for all to see, with every tweak to the penguin update, you will be found out eventually!